"I have had a passion for other species, the natural world, and art, since I was old enough to hold a crayon and sit on a horse. It was during those very early years that my intuitive abilities and deeper understanding 

of other sentient beings became apparent. Upon reaching adulthood, my

Ojibwe/Cherokee mother fondly called 

me Gizhaadamokwe (Guardian Spirit Woman). What I understood about the feelings of other species prompted me to became a voice to protect them.

Seeing through the eyes of other species, and feeling an interconnectedness with all life, I am vegan and adhere to a compassionate diet and lifestyle, and I embrace an adopt and rescue philosophy.



Even if we understand an animal's behavior problem, we may not understand how to resolve the problem behavior. This is why I value the importance of science based behavior change to modify behavior and why I not only use my intuitive skills, but I also use positive reinforcement and the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a force free, compassionate form of behavior modification. I believe the combination of my intuitive-empathic skills, and the application 

of science based, force-free animal behavior techniques, provide me additional tools to help animals and their caretakers on both levels. ​​

I'm also a fine artist and contributing author of several published books about animals and parrots. I'm presently writing a memoir about the amazing relationships with the non-human species I have been fortunate enough to know on a very special level.  All of my paintings are inspired by nature, animals, and the spirit world.

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What is Ojiig?

Ojiig is my last name (Fisher) in Ojibwe. I also chose this name for my website because it represents the fisher.


The fisher is closely related to, but larger than, the American marten (Martes americana). The fisher is a forest-dwelling creature whose range covers much of the boreal forest in Canada to the northern United States. 

The fisher is an intelligent, 

shy, human fearing animal who will avoid humans if at possible, but will defend themselves if provoked or cornered. 


The fisher is just one of many fur bearing animals who have been persecuted hundreds of years, for their fur.