"I have had a passion for other species, the natural world, and art, since I was old enough to hold a crayon and sit on a horse. It was during those very early years that my intuitive abilities and deeper understanding 

of other sentient beings became apparent. Upon reaching adulthood, my

Ojibwe/Cherokee mother fondly called 

me Gizhaadamokwe (Guardian Spirit Woman). What I understood about the feelings of other species prompted me to became a voice to protect them.

Seeing through the eyes of other species, and feeling an interconnectedness with all life, I am vegan and adhere to a compassionate diet and lifestyle, and an adopt and rescue philosophy.



I'm also an animal behavior consultant.  I use positive reinforcement and the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a force free, compassionate form of behavior modification. I believe the combination of my intuitive skills, sensitivity, and the use of science based animal teaching  methods, provide me additional insight so that I can help my clients and their caretakers on both levels. ​​



I'm also a professional fine artist and contributing author of several published books about animals and parrots. I'm presently writing a memoir about the amazing relationships with the non-human species I have been fortunate enough to know on a very special level.   All of my paintings are inspired by nature, animals, and the spiritual world.

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