What is Interspecies Communication?

I believe there are many legitimate and genuine animal intuitive workers, however, I also believe there are many who are not legitimate. Because I didn't want to be mistakenly grouped with the latter, I avoided publicly presenting my work most of my life. However, after witnessing so much misuse of the term and the misrepresentation of animals feelings and thoughts in general, I decided to more openly use my "gift".


My animal intuitive work is different from most other animal communicators. Rather than an anthropomorphic vision of animals' feelings and thoughts, I "see" their primal essence. Animals don't see or feel the world as we do. They operate on a much higher frequency and are far more intellectually and energetically connected to all things. For example, they won't request "peace on earth", nor are they going to tell you what book to read. Those are actual comments made by individuals who claim to be "animal communicators". I believe those are anthropologic perceptions of the animal mind, are incorrect, and do animals an injustice.

I am telepathic and highly empathic. In general, I sense what animals are thinking and feeling, both emotionally and physically. However this is not an anthropomorphic-like connection that most animal communicators claim as mentioned, but rather for me, perhaps closer to what some scientists explain as a “biological radio" when explaining the way animals communicate with each other and to me.



There is a lot that humans (scientists) don't understand about animal behavior. There is a lot that animal intuitives don't understand about animal behavior. However, the average person can become more empathetic and compassionate regarding the feelings and needs of animals, ultimately providing them the best lives possible.


Because animals feel the same emotions and physical pain as humans, it's easy to anthropomorphize their behaviors and project our human inadequacies and insecurities onto them. I dispel myths and provide animal caretakers a much deeper and more natural understanding about their animals' psyche. 

I am not a veterinarian and I do not diagnose or make treatment recommendations. However, I  can often "see" hidden health problems if they exist and recommend veterinary exams and medical testing.